Wyn Starks is ready to take a chance on “Run”


Last year was a very busy one for rising pop artist Wyn Starks. Not only was he opening for Delta Rae on the ‘Return of the Witch Tour,’ but Wyn was also working on his upcoming sophomore album. The album takes inspiration from a variety of genres like pop, 80s rock, R&B, and soul, but it also incorporates the feel-good sounds that Wyn is known for in his music. Fans hear this sound in his previous release, “Where Are The Giants,” and can now hear it in Wyn’s latest single, “Run.”

On “Run,” Wyn harnesses the feeling of breaking away and starting over. The track contains a coming-of-age spirit, where the main characters are young enough to have fun but old enough to have responsibilities. Over the vibrant synth and guitar, Wyn describes what it is like to return to an old hometown, where he passes by his old high school and finds friends working at their same dead-end jobs. The playful 80s pop vibes make it a nostalgic listen, especially with these reflective lyrics. He sings, “Oh, can you feel it in your bones? / Oh, can you feel it in your soul? / You’re still singing that same old song in that same bar since we were young / So maybe, let’s run,” inspiring anyone to get out, take a chance, and explore new possibilities.

Telling us more about “Run,” Wyn shares,

“The inspiration behind ‘Run’ comes from seeing friends back home who never left their hometown, never put themselves out there into the unknown for fear of failure. I relate because too many times in my own life and career, I have let fear stop me from pursuing my dreams.”

You can listen to “Run” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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