Jack Cullen teams up with Snøw on new single “It Doesn’t Matter”


While singer-songwriter Jack Cullen is still fresh to the scene, his reputation is already extraordinary.  Long before we received our first bit of music from Jack last year, he was selling out headline shows in London.  The hype continued into 2021 when he was featured on “Spilled My Coffee,” which became one of the “most viral lo-fi rap tracks” of the year.  It found a comfy home in the YouTube and TikTok communities, being added to over 30 channels on the former and used by 20 million creators on the latter.  It can be intimidating to follow-up such a well-received single, but with Snøw, Questlove, and The Roots on his side, Jack has nothing to fear.

On “It Doesn’t Matter,” Jack gives us some feel-good indie pop to ease the stories he tells us through the lyrics.  Teaming up with Snøw, the two tell us about a day that was terrible right from the start.  Jack begins by singing, “I spilled my coffee / On my t-shirt / I caught the wrong train / And it’s slow” and then keeps going with, “No umbrella, no blue skies / I missed the phone call / And a deadline.”  Later on in the track, Snøw summarizes all that went wrong, but then puts it all aside when he realizes what is really important.  Together, Jack and Snøw point out, “None of it matters / When you’re with me, I’m alright.”

Knowing that the track needed just a little something to make it shine, Jack reached out to The Roots.  He assumed that they might not be interested, but when they heard it, they knew that they had to be involved.  In the end, Questlove jumped on the drums and The Roots worked their magic as co-producers, giving us an amazing record.  When talking about the experience, Jack explained that it was “pretty surreal and amazing.  The coolest thing is the idea that The Roots have put my music on and played to it.”

You can listen to “It Doesn’t Matter” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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