april june releases title track from upcoming EP, ‘baby’s out of luck again’


Throughout her songs, Madrid-based singer-songwriter april june weaves themes of gloom, nostalgia, and uncertainty. She knows how to capture young emotion, doing so in a way that highlights all the drama, all the romance. In 2020, april june introduced fans to her pensive world with the release of her debut EP, feelings on the internet, and has gone on to release moody hits like “biking to your house” and “summer bruises.” These carefully crafted singles have been building up to the release of her sophomore EP, baby’s out of luck again, due out August 2. To celebrate, april june is releasing the title track and accompanying music video, which can be found below.

On “baby’s out of luck again,” we hear about the powerful forces that drive attraction. While she wishes to stay away, for whatever reason, april june can’t help but come back into someone’s life. Over the prominent downbeats and sulky guitar, which give the track a vibey bedroom pop feel, she sings, “This time around, I actually thought I was changing / But here I am, knocking on your door again / Here I am / Calling on your line / Tried so hard / Baby’s out of luck again.” Her dejected coolness is brought out in lines like, “Don’t you waste your time on me / I’m already gone,” echoing the emotional aspects of Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Rey.

About “baby’s out of luck again,” april june explains,

“Immersed in a year-long binge of ‘The Sopranos,’ I find the show to be a profound exploration of human psychology, subconsciousness, and cultural symbolism. One particular episode where Tony engages in peyote-fueled gambling in Las Vegas, particularly stands out. The series, with its intricate layers, serves as a universal encyclopedia. Reflecting on a Reddit quote about the roulette wheel’s symbolic nature, it sparks contemplation on life’s unpredictability. This insight challenges the notion of ‘making your own luck,’ urging acceptance of fate and embracing the inevitable. It prompts introspection on the attraction to detrimental relationships, questioning if behavioral patterns are a metaphor for destiny. The cosmic order is pondered, wondering if repeating patterns aligns with universal design. The connection between individuals, like a Sagi and Virgo, raises questions about destiny’s role in their meeting.” 

You can listen to “baby’s out of luck again” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Keep up with april june: Instagram // TikTok // YouTube


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