Knox talks new EP ‘I’m So Good At Being Alone?’ and tour


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The words “slow” or “down” don’t exist in Knox’s vocabulary. In fact, ever since his hit song “Sneakers” took off Summer 2022, his songs have been running through people’s heads ever since. 

Knox Morris is from Dayton, Ohio and his move to Nashville cemented his commitment to pursuing music full time and never looking back. Not to be dramatic or anything, but why would he? He’s got an upcoming sold-out headlining tour, 1 million monthly Spotify listeners, and more than 20 million streams on his latest EP, I’m So Good At Being Alone?. 

Self-taught and tastefully self-deprecating, it seems ironic that someone who gained such a loyal fanbase so quickly had never picked up a guitar before freshman year of college.

Knox’s mellow demeanor is a delightful contrast to the intensity at which he works. He moves casually and the conversations flow like you were catching up with an old friend who still remembered your favorite color and inside jokes from way back when. He mentions every chance he gets that he’s making music with his best friends, never failing to mention them and expressing his graciousness to make it happen. It’s this genuineness that allows his music to be authentic, one of the many reasons it resonates with fans, new and old.

We had the opportunity to chat with Knox, about being on tour, about writing his latest EP, and we finally settle the MJ versus Gwen debate. 

Melodic Mag: How are you?
Knox: Dude, I’m good, just freaking busy. Busy as all could be. It’s kind of crazy. You get off tour and you’re like “Alright it’s time to chill” and that has just been the exact opposite of what has happened since I got back from tour. But it’s been awesome. We’re doing so much! We’re finishing up new songs and doing a bunch of fan stuff.

We’re super stoked to have you! What is your reaction to being on a magazine cover?
It’s so crazy because I just – it still blows my mind that I’m even an artist or in this position so let alone be the cover of a magazine. I never thought I would be in such a position like that so it’s funny to see. But I love it man, it’s so cool, and I’m super grateful to be in the position that I’m in.

We saw that you released “Girl on The Internet” and prior to releasing it, you played it live. How was it playing that live for the first time, despite the song not being out yet?
It was cool! Actually, that song was supposed to be on my first EP How To Lose A Girl in 7 Songs, so we’ve had it forever. I’ve actually never played a show without playing it. There’s a video on Instagram that almost has a million views and it’s one of those songs that we were putting it out at the end of the year for the fans. It was very much like “Hey, people who have seen us live will want to hear this song, so let’s just put it out for them.”

It was always kind of a song that was slept on. It was like “Eh we’re just doing this and if it doesn’t do well, that’s fine.” We figured that was going to happen. We posted it and the internet loved it too. It had a couple moments. It’s been played on Sirius XM and it’s my second song to be played on the radio a couple different times! It’s been amazing to see the reaction, mainly because it was just so under respected.

That must be so validating, when you have a song that was slept on that didn’t make the first EP and you’re like “I don’t know if I made the right choice.” But more than just the girls on the internet, I feel like everybody on the internet is enjoying it.
Yeah, I think we made the right choice with it. Cause it would have been on How To Lose A Girl in 7 Songs, it wouldn’t have had its moment. Now it’s having its own little thing which I think is cool.

Your previous tour with Nightly and Young Rising Sons, the blend was really great and everybody looked like they were having a good time.
It was a blast being out with them and the Young Rising Sons guys are so much fun. It kind of sucked cause we only did four shows with them. I wish we could have just done like twenty with them. They were a blast! The Nightly guys are amazing too and they’re one of my favorite bands ever, so to be on tour with them and to be able to call them good homies is so, so sick.

Young Rising Sons, funnily enough, actually opened for The 1975 10 years ago. The world is so small! How funny is that?
I can’t believe they did that! They were telling me about it, and I was like “What?! I’ll cry right now.”

Congratulations on the release of your second EP, I’m So Good At Being Alone? What was something you found most challenging writing this EP as opposed to your first one?
I would say absolutely the most challenging was that there was expectation now.

Want to read the full interview with Knox and see what was the most challenging thing was writing his second EP, life being on tour, and see how we finally settle that MJ versus Gwen debate? Head over to issuu to read the full interview now.

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