Weekly Roundup: December 5


Every week the Melodic staff assembles a Weekly Roundup playlist of songs we can’t stop listening to.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. “Lost It” – Talking Points
The Long Island-based band makes their impressive debut with “Lost It,” an upbeat alt-pop jam about missing an old flame that could have easily come from any of the biggest names in the genre. Lead singer Jack Pilon showcases his versatile vocal tone, flip-flopping between sweet and savory and gritty throughout. Gang vocals, Wallows-style instrumental solos, and multiple well-executed shifts in dynamics dominate the track, which most definitely establishes Talking Points as a name to look out for.
– Noah Wade


2. “tooth fairy” – Mae Krell
A gentle indie folk track, the single [focuses] on the difficult decision to move on from someone, leaving us teary-eyed but hopeful.
– Christine Sloman


3.  “Luxe Æterna” – Metallica
Metallica is back in a big way after 6 years with a thrilling new track, “Lux Æterna.” Clocking in at three and a half minutes it doesn’t overstay its welcome, with James Hetfield on fine husky vocals and Kirk Hammett enrapturing us with one of his best solos.
– Hailey Howard


4. “Stay” – Dreamphone
The song covers topics of indecision and doubt during a tough relationship, displayed through a back-and-forth of Seb Zel’s rapping and Hattie Simon’s ethereal vocals.
– Sara De Ledesma


You can listen to more of our picks on our Spotify playlist below. Don’t forget to hit that “follow” button!


Full playlist:

1. Talking Points – “Lost It”
2. Jacob Lee – “Sick & Tired”
3. Fake Dad- “New Machines”
4. Orphan – “For a Friend”
5. Mae Krell – “tooth fairy”
6. Lucky Lo – “I Will Always Be You”
7. Bad Bad Hats – “Super America”
8. Hoodie Allen ft. Games We Play – “Hey Ben”
9. ACADEMY – “Astronaut”
10. Metallica – “Lux Æterna”
11. Classless Act – “All That We Are (Acoustic)”
12. Patient Sixty-Seven ft. Kellin Quinn – “Feel Alive – Reimagined”
13. Migrant Motel – “Shame”
14. Lewis Capaldi – “Pointless”
15. Dreamphone – “Stay”
16. Quinn XCII ft. Chelsea Cutler – “Let Me Down”
17. Baby Cate – “gone”
18. Manpreet Kundi- “lipstick kisses”
19. Drew. – “therapy.”
20. Tspokes ft. Arte – “Just A Call Away”


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