Grocer’s lead single “Packrat” is a 90’s collaborative and energetic rock and roll mishmash


South Philly-based alternative rock trio, Grocer took what we love most from 90’s rock and made it their very own. Their latest single “Packrat” is a fun and energetic blend of new but familiar guitar riffs and drums that sound straight out of a rom-com montage. 

The song begins with an electric guitar and vocalist Danielle Lovier’s first lyric “I’ve been hurting again / This is where I sit now”, followed by an admission that she’s been spinning out. We hear her describe separating her feelings into “separate containers” and spacing out. It is clear that as the song progresses, the lyrics reflect a more disheveled living space as well as an equally disheveled state of mind. An additional guitar is introduced after the second verse and accompanies the vocal melody before the first chorus. She asks “Was I ever well? / I can’t tell ‘cause I’m sleeping in”. 

Packrat was our first attempt at opening up our writing process to be more collaborative, and what would ultimately inform the process for the rest of the album. We aimed to focus on the chemistry between us, acknowledging that what we make together has greater potential than what any one of us can make alone. – Grocer

Unmotivated by the present but fueled by the past, Grocer’s “Packrat” unpacks the importance of living in the moment and the chaos that can ensue if you choose not to. This single is the first off of the trio’s latest upcoming album Bless Me, slated to release April 19, 2024. You can listen to “Packrat” here and keep up with Grocer below!

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Shauna Hilferty
Shauna Hilferty
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