ROSIE details relationship expectations and reality in her latest single “Potential”


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Encapsulating pain and disappointment in a relationship that never could be is ROSIE‘s latest balled, “Potential.” The track features two of Rosie’s signatures – her soft voice and brutal lyrical honesty.

The song begins with her anticipations of the relationship as if she were singing to the person who was once in it. “Always pictured every broken part of you so perfect now didn’t I,” rhetorically leads to her realization in the pre-chorus and chorus. Punctuated by percussion and heavier synths, the chorus lyrically describes the unhealthy stigma that one person can change the other in a relationship when in reality. “I thought I loved you for all of your mistakes / That all you needed was me for you to change.” The song’s bridge is a chant to one’s self, a poem of aggravated parting words, paired with opposing soft vocals harmonizing in the background. 

With over 140,000 streams and less than 2 weeks old, it seems the start of a sunny season has not stopped listeners from leaning toward “Potential.” Its emotional vocal delivery, high production quality, thanks to producer pair AFTERHRS, and lyrical honesty prove that ROSIE knows her strengths, and writing sad summer songs is one of them. 

Find the song here and the music video, directed by Christopher Phelps, here

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