Rose Betts walks us through a fallout on “War”


If you are one of the 50 million listeners of “Irish Eyes,” then you know the power of Rose Betts. The LA-based singer-songwriter uses her voice to the fullest while maintaining an authenticity that draws listeners in and keeps them hooked. She is also not afraid to blur genres or step into new territory, which has paid off. Over the years, Rose has found support through the likes of NPR and the BBC, contributed to the Zack Snyder’s Justice League soundtrack with “Song to the Siren,” and was nominated for a Grammy for Bazzi’s “Young & Alive.” We will have to wait and see what 2024 has up its sleeve for Rose, but with the release of her first single of the year, we can tell it’s going to be good.

On “War,” Rose walks us through a fallout that has left behind devastating thoughts and feelings. Over the incessant pinging that drives the song, she shares, “It’s easy to break things, to pull them apart / And you’ve turned destruction to some kind of art,” expressing disappointment. She ultimately concludes, “I only wanted more / You only wanted war,” revealing that all is never fair in love and war. Showing off the rich, dark hues of her voice, Rose counters the lighter, percussive elements of the track, making it a dynamic folk pop ballad.

About “War,” Rose explains,

“Most of us have been in a position where we wanted something from somebody that they could not give. Unrequited love is up there with one of the most painful feelings. There’s also the kind of love which is destructive. It pulls you apart…gets into all the happy places and poisons them. And all the time, it’s whispering love into your ear. ‘War’ is a song about emerging from a bubble of that kind of love, suddenly realizing what’s been happening and being able to separate from it.”

You can listen to “War” on platforms like SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

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