Chaz Cardigan is on a quest for a place to call home in “Are We Gonna Do This”


Chaz Cardigan - "Are We Gonna Do This"

Every encounter becomes a potential fairytale or romantic chapter in the quest for “the end,” for a place called home. Love permeates every space, and it often seems as though it’s slipping through our fingertips. For some, it acts as a metaphor, a device used to understand ourselves in that very primal search. Diving into unanswered questions and a yearning for romance, Kentucky-born artist Chaz Cardigan is exploring what it means to be in pursuit of meaningful connections in his latest track, “Are We Gonna Do This.” Cardigan has just released his first full-length LP A Year in Glassland with AntiFragile Music.

In this quest for passion, adventure and romance, Cardigan sings, “Do you love me now? / When nothing feels real / It doesn’t matter at all / Do you love me now? / So are we gonna do this, or what?” The track blends indie-rock and folk elements through a pop lens. The idea for “Are We Gonna Do This” initially came about after a conversation with his father, before he had a session with Max Hershenow, who is known for his collaborations with artists such as Carly Rae Jepson and Charli XCX. 

Amidst the sea of online dating, “Are We Gonna Do This” is an exploration of love and identity in that pursuit of romance, serving as a reflection of leaving behind an echo of emptiness.

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Clare Gehlich
Clare Gehlich
Clare is a recent Stony Brook University graduate, holding a BA in Journalism. She was a journalism intern at Melodic for the spring 2024 semester and currently serves as the album coordinator and is a freelance writer for the magazine.

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