Polyglam Discusses Relationship Complexity With “Loss”


Brought together by the community and the whimsy of Silverlake, Los Angeles based trio Polyglam met while collectively house/dog sitting for a friend. Crossing paths, they jumped into the studio to play around recording after warm, sunny days filled with inspiration at the Silverlake Reservoir.

Today, the trio brings us “Loss” which serves as their third single of the year/ever. According to the band, the song is “about the cyclical nature of relationships. This song explores a painful process: the feeling of paralysis in the aftermath of a failed relationship you took for granted, and the simultaneous realization that you’re supposed to move forward.”


Lyrically, the trio explores the complexity of relationships and the complexity of one’s own thoughts on the matter. In a world oversaturated with social media and dating apps, it’s hard to gauge the authenticity of connections. This lies especially true for a town like Los Angeles where people may feign interest in order to see who you’re connected to and what value you offer.

“you’re in your head
its time you get the feelings off your chest”

“Loss” offers freedom from this toxic cycle and encourages the listener to break free. Keep up with Polylgam below as 2023 is sure to only be their start. Expect big things from Polyglam.

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