Abby Pierrot Addresses a Former Lover in “Saviour Complex”


Vancouver-based pop artist Abby Pierrot has just released her haunting new single “Saviour Complex”, detailing the skewed portrayal of events that can occur following a failed relationship and reminding listeners that there are always two sides to every story.

The song starts off slow with some moody electric guitars before Pierrot’s raw vocals kick in, describing how she feels about what the other person has been saying. The pre-chorus packs a punch as she sings “you need therapy and not another girl to please”.

The chorus introduces some background vocals and eerie instrumentals to differentiate it from the verse as Pierrot confronts her former partner with the powerful lyric “tell me you’re the victim”.

The second verse incorporates some muffled spoken repetition of the lyrics as the track gains traction, confronting in detail the lies that have been told about her. The chorus is then joined by some trickling electronic elements that cascade into the emotional bridge.

The lyrics of the final chorus are altered a bit to add a punch that drives the message home. The electric guitars and minimalist instrumentals swell to a conclusion before the song fades out.

Pierrot’s emotional and descriptive lyrics over a slow and moody soundscape perfectly express her displeasure with the situation. “Saviour Complex” drips with sarcasm as she addresses her former lover with targeted and personal lyrics, giving listeners who relate to this scenario a smug sense of satisfaction.

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