In New Single “Rinse and Repeat”, Makena Makes the Past Present


You can try to re-write the past, but baby, that’s written in permanent ink. Makena airs out an ex who is filling the void with a different lover but the same activities in their new single “Rinse and Repeat“.

If you will allow for a little linguistic messing about, I would say this song’s overall sonic texture is squelchy. The bass and drums are locked together with compression and fuzz. A simplistic beat chugs along while Makena points to all the places and things that this ex is replicating in their new fling.

When the chorus hits, we get even fuzzier and even squelchier. Makena rips at this ex with cutting lines like, “You can’t forget, you’ll never rinse me out”. The truth of the matter is laid out. You can run and rewrite, but the past remains ever-present.

Makena hit the nail on the head of a common occurrence in post breakup messiness. Heaven help this ex.

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