Cohen Sieg brings us “Will You Ever Come Back?”


On Oct. 27, Cohen Sieg released “Will You Ever Come Back?” with inspiration drawn from artists like Charlie Puth and FINNEAS. Sieg decided to take a hands-on approach to music creation, Recording and performing the majority of the track in his basement studio.

“Will You Ever Come Back?” starts off with a groovy guitar rhythm that will have your fingers tapping along, a drum beat slides in and brings along a piano like melody as Sieg jumps in with amazing vocals.

“Often when artists write about love and relationships, it is about how great things are in the beginning”

Sieg shares “how they love their significant other, and how they are the best fit for this particular person. Or on the flip side, when a relationship ends they talk about how sad they are, how they are a victim, woe is me. But if you’ve ever been in a relationship (especially for a long period of time), you will find that things are not always that black and white. Sometimes you think you are the protagonist of your life, but when you take a step back you can see your flaws. That’s what I wanted for this song, to frame it as “I’m so sad, my relationship has ended, why would they do this to me” but then to take a step back and see “oh, maybe it’s because I was manipulative, and didn’t commit enough, or show enough attention.” I realize writing a song like this will make me look very bad (haha), but I really do feel in this culture some people need to hear this message and realize if they relate to the “protagonist (storyteller)” that maybe they need to take a step back in their relationship and look at it a bit more honestly.”

As the song progresses, Sieg’s vocals get louder and grittier. The drum beat smoothly blends with the guitar making it a song you will never get out of your head.

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