Bella Kaye belts out a heartbreak anthem in new single “Never Again”


Bella Kaye, an 18-year-old dark pop singer-songwriter from southern California, is Gen-Z’s next pop sensation, She is well known for her intense, honest lyrics, dark soundscapes, and compelling and vulnerable lyrics. After enduring a distressing breakup that led to her own self-destruction, she is using her talented storytelling skills to share her story. After unveiling her courageous and merciless debut single, “Psycho Ex,” her sophomore single, “Never Again” firmly displays the place she is today. The new track is a statement, seeing Bella taking back her self worth, inner strength and power from that relationship.

“Never Again” is immersed in pop rock/pop punk. The song is set up like a pop song, but it’s a an alt-rock song through and through. Bella’s ethereal melodies entangle with dark, edgy, and grungy power-chords, while the drums give the song life with a pop-punk beat that gives it a new feel. Bella draws inspiration from Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Gracie Abrams, and listeners will thoroughly associate with her luminous voice, alluring presence and genuine spirit. Bella gives us a lyrics that everyone who has gone through a break-up will relate to: “I know I’ll never meet someone like you / Never again / You said I’ll never find someone like you / But that’s kind of the point / I’ll never let nobody treat me as bad as you did”

If you’re into the comeback of mainstream rock music, Bella Kaye is your new favorite artist. Her music is skillfully produced, an enjoyable listen and attractively daring. Bella Kaye is on her way to satisfying the market for angsty, irreverent pop bangers.

Listen to “Never Again”:

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