Julia Adrian remains relatable with “the one before the one”


Julia Adrian’s newest single is a pop power ballad. With comparisons to Adele and Amy Winehouse, Adrian takes a step in a different direction than her last single “No, I Do” which is more of an upbeat groovy single.

the one before the one’ starts with a mellow piano and progresses into a song that will have you belting it out. With the use of pianos, drums and her unique vocals makes sure the song will be stuck in your head. This song discusses the idea of being ‘the one before the one’ and how that somehow feels more painful than being any old ex.

This “growing pains girlfriend” is often the relationship that goes on for a long period with ups and downs, where all the kinks are ironed out before settling down with the next girl.

Adrian belts out lyrics that every girl will relate to at some point in their life “I asked “what am I doing / Too many times to count / But we were just so close / To figuring this out”
This cinematic-style pop song feels like the climax of a film, or a ballad you belt in the car post-breakup. ‘The one before the one’ does this while also retaining a bit of a nostalgic and reflective feel.

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