SYTË delivers a stunning new single, “Sirena”


SYTË is a four-piece band that consists of Nita Kaja, Drin Tashi, Granit Havolli, and Fatlind Ferati. Originally a duo, the idea formed when Nita was visiting Pristina and met future bandmate, and partner, Drin. Soon after, Nita left New York to move to Pristina and the pair worked on their first EP together.

SYTË is emerging in the alt-pop world and is making their mark in the scene by fusing pop-perfect hooks and a laid-back indie style to make a unique sound. They are known for their intoxicating and thrilling performances. They’ve played multiple well-known festivals like Pop Kultur Festival, Sunny Hill Festival, and Localize Festival. Nita and Drin are in New York to grow as artists and expand their audience.

The band released their new song, “Sirena,” on September 29th. The track has an underwater sound that makes it intriguing and is reminiscent of Björk while also having its own individual sound. It has lyrics that are addictive, easy to sing along to, and some people may even relate to. “I live to make you mine/ I live to feed my pride/ But you changed my mind/ I need you by my side/ You know me inside out / You know me all to well / There’s a siren swimming in my heart/ Cant let her tear our love apart.”

Watch the Video below and this song is available on all streaming platforms now! 

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