Oh Bummer! releases new single “Swimming”


LA-based singer/songwriter Tanner Houghton (he/they), known professionally as Oh Bummer!, releases new single “Swimming” from his upcoming second EP A Part of the World. Throughout Tanner’s musical journey he has been in punk bands, pop groups, and everything in between, but Oh Bummer! is his first musical solo endeavor. According to Tanner, his songs are “a conglomeration of my depression and ADHD thoughts – the diary of an over-thinker.”

“Swimming” utilizes Tanners listless vocals and intimate bedroom-pop delivery, blended with trip-hop inspired beats, to make sincere music for anyone who can relate to feeling like they don’t always fit in. While speaking about the new track Tanner said:

“Swimming” is a snapshot look at how it feels to be in the middle of a depressive episode and not see an end in sight. The deeper you sink, the farther away the light at the surface gets. It feels like a rock tied to your foot. It feels like the end of the world. It feels hopeless, alienating, and maybe even deserved. This is all wrapped in melancholy jazz guitar chords, 808’s, and teenage angst. I still haven’t learned how to swim, but at least for now, my head’s above water.”

Oh Bummer!’s new EP, A Part of the World, is set for release on If This Then Records in early 2024.

Keep up with Oh Bummer!: Instagram // X // Facebook // Website


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