Liam Brock Melts Into His Acoustic Reverie on “Words”


Credit: Will Wark

Liam Brock is an artist based in Medina, Ohio who is shifting gears with his latest acoustic single “Words”. Formerly known for making music within his self-coined demographic of “midwest indie surf-rock”, Brock is embracing a softer side with his latest stripped down track. Written about the moments we catch ourselves at a loss for words, the song voyages through intimate memories that Brock could only contextualize in the aftermath of heartbreak.

Brock hosts a layered echo in his voice as he croons over the mesmerizing, simple strings of his guitar. “Words” is a track that speaks for itself with authentically raw riffs, not trying too hard to create a facade, but rather, existing exactly as it is. Brock sings, “I spread it out on the table / You looked at me confused, you saw right through / Peeling off all the labels / Laid out and dried up for you.” Crushingly real and viscerally universal, Brock takes us back to a moment that looks different inside each of our heads. 

With his former opening slot for rising indie band Arcy Drive, Liam Brock has eyes on him and fans have patiently been waiting for this release. Returning from a year long hiatus, “Words” shows new levels of vulnerability, depth, and character for Liam Brock as he delves into matters of the heart. 

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