Olie Beckett Emerges with his Anthem on Young Love Entitled “Heartbeat”


Olie Beckett is an artist with a strong affinity for music which has been a part of his identity since the very beginning. He got his start as a vocalist by way of singing in church and taking lessons before discovering his interest in piano. His new single “Heartbeat” is a time capsule of that iconic first crush that everyone can recall. Olie Beckett gets caught up in his emotions as he delivers a pop-tinged serenade on the joys of infatuation.

“Heartbeat” will sweep you off your feet with rose-tinted riffs, harmonic strokes of bass, and ethereal harmonies that drift into the clouds. Olie Beckett sings, “Do I play it smart, or just be safe and protect my heart?” The song was written and produced by Phoenix Stone who has previously worked with the Backstreet Boys. The music video for “Heartbeat” follows a variety of couples at the laundromat as Beckett’s music inspires them to give in to the movement. “Heartbeat” is a rush of elation as Beckett reminisces on his special someone and in turn makes us remember our own.

What started with auditions for countrywide choir and voice lessons became a fixation with GarageBand and eventually Prologic. Olie Beckett continues to dive deeper into all facets of artistry. “Heartbeat” is his latest release.

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