Photocomfort Explores the Depths of Platonic Love on New Music Video and Single “Roll”


Boston-based experimental pop enigma Photocomfort emerges with the leading single from her upcoming album Patron Saint entitled “Roll”. The single explores the sacrifices we make to preserve our deepest friendships and ultimately concludes that loving someone sometimes means letting them go. Riddled with complex emotions, haunting harmonies that get stuck on the memories of a deep-rooted companion, and effervescent sonics that draw to mind landscapes of nostalgia, “Roll” is a vibrant masterpiece that delves into Photocomfort’s relationships.

“Roll” comes alive with saccharine strings, steady percussion, and powerful yet ethereal vocals from Photocomfort. The music video is clouded in mystery as Photocomfort saunters through a warm, welcoming home to find a companion wearing her hair tied in the same red bow as herself. The ending is overwhelmingly cathartic as Photocomfort cuts off the ponytail of her friend, representing an act of setting her free. “Roll” is a profound musing on friendship that leads to revelations on independence, self-discovery, and what it means to truly love someone.

Revealing more on her track, she confides, “This one deals with one of the more difficult themes on the record for me: loving a friend so much that you might have to let them go.  Sometimes you have to make a friendship so expansive and flexible so that a person can grow and thrive. That person might just grow so much they get out of it and walk right out the door—and you have to let them.”

Photocomfort has toured alongside an impressive array of artists including St. Lucia, Lewis Del Mar and Beirut. Her upcoming album Patron Saint is highly anticipated.

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