Via DeRoche debuts stunning new eclectic EP “Orange Sky”


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Via DeRoche, a talented vocalist and songwriter hailing from Brooklyn, possesses an enchanting musical prowess that transports listeners to a bygone era. Her music weaves sultry melodies and raw emotion beneath the moonlight, evoking a sense of nostalgia and timeless beauty.

Today, October 13, Via debuts her stunning new EP, Orange Sky, which is filled with intricate and sultry tones that bring Via’s stunning vision to life. On each and every track she breathes beauty into them, with a sound that resonates from start to finish.

Her voice carries echoes of soulful legends like Stevie Nicks, the fearless spirit of Janis Joplin, and the contemporary charisma of Amy Winehouse, effortlessly traversing genres that include soul, blues, and alt-rock.

In her artistic journey, Via draws inspiration from the likes of Solange, who captivates through visual storytelling and electrifying live performances, and Stevie Nicks, whose unwavering authenticity serves as a guiding light. The legendary Etta James, with her unparalleled vocal talent, also plays a significant role in shaping Via’s musical vision.

Via’s music is best described as “deceivingly honest,” providing a sanctuary for vulnerability within the alt-rock and singer-songwriter genres. Her lyrics and melodies meld profound emotions with beautiful harmonies.

Via shares about Orange Sky:

“I think release day is always scary. You really lay yourself bare. But I am so proud of “Orange Sky” and so deeply grateful to the people who gave their time to it. To have such talented artists believe in these songs and want to work on them has meant the world to me. My hope is this EP gives people a soft place to land. I wrote it heartbroken but certain I was moving through necessary growing pains. These songs each have their own form of meditation, a way of circling back to where they started, of coming home to yourself over and over again. I hope in listening, people feel the peace I’ve felt having written them.”

Her musical evolution is a constant process, with a shift from early pop and R&B to big-band alt-rock. Her music thrives in live performances, seamlessly conveying narrative and energy to the audience.

Via’s songwriting is a unique journey influenced by a variety of sources, often guided by a stream of consciousness. Her creative process is organic, with songs emerging from bursts of inspiration. Literature, particularly poetry and personal essays, fuels her creativity, such as her song “Orange Sky,” inspired by Qiu Miaojin’s “Last Words From Montmartre.”

In every haunting melody and evocative lyric, Via DeRoche invites you to explore the depths of emotion, taking you on an intimate journey through the corridors of her soul. Her music, an amalgamation of timeless influences and personal growth, resonates with life’s raw authenticity. With each release, Via leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of her listeners, crafting a musical legacy destined to echo through the ages.

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