Gaming music artist TheFatRat soars to new heights on “Escaping Gravity”



Gaming music legend, TheFatRat popularly known for his immense online following of over ten million fans, continues his epic saga with the release of “Escaping Gravity.” This thrilling new release features vocals from singer/songwriter Cecilia Gault and unveils the third chapter of the captivating story that TheFatRat has been meticulously sharing with his past two releases “Out Of The Rain” with Shiah Maisel and “Hunger.” “Escaping Gravity” is available now on all digital streaming platforms.


“In Chapter 3, the protagonists find a way that might get them out of their dire situation. The song stands for our aspirations, our dreams, and our goals. Those times when we feel like we can conquer the entire universe.” – TheFatRat

With his third release of his new saga, the go-to-artist for Esports brands like ESL and Dreamhack has expanded the epic universe with another inspiring and touching song that follows the two siblings from his past two singles. “Escaping Gravity” picks up with our heroes living in the slums when they stumble upon an old crashed space gondola, igniting their dreams of repairing it and embarking on a cosmic journey to escape their home planet and explore the vast universe. As listeners dive into “Escaping Gravity,” they are transported into their world, where dreams of repairing the space craft and venturing into the unknown echo with determination and ambition. TheFatRat’s meticulous production and the enthralling vocals from Cecilia Gault serve as a gateway to the characters’ aspirations and invite listeners to embark on their own cosmic journeys of self-discovery and boundless possibilities.


Recognized for his influential presence in the gaming music community, with his tracks featured in popular video games such as Dota 2, Rocket League, Rolling Sky, and Game For Peace, TheFatRat’s signature sounds shine through in “Escaping Gravity.” The song begins with gentle symphonic elements, invoking a nostalgic atmosphere, while the addition of a tribal flute creates an enchanting fairy tale ambiance. The creative process behind the production of “Escaping Gravity” was a thrilling adventure, as TheFatRat overcame numerous challenges while crafting the perfect sound. The track builds momentum, exuding hope and determination, as the driving bass drops and emphatic horns create a dramatic effect. The creative process behind the production of “Escaping Gravity” was a thrilling adventure, as TheFatRat overcame numerous challenges while crafting the perfect sound. 

With New York singer/songwriter, Cecilia Gault’s infectious vocals accompanying the production and storyline, listeners are truly immersed into the world of the song. Raised in Lower Manhattan, of Irish and Japanese descent, Cecilia Gault’s identity is a significant drive for her music and artistry. Her bi-cultural upbringing is a defining feature of Cecilia’s identity and approach to music. In contrast to the production challenges of the song the vocal recording process for “Escaping Gravity” was remarkably smooth, thanks to the exceptional talent of Cecilia, who flawlessly delivered the vocals on the first try. 

Following his first track of 2023, “Monkeys,” TheFatRat started this epic saga with “Out Of The Rain,” the alternative electronic singer-songwriter Shiah Maisel. He continued the inspiring story with his most recent release, “Hunger,” which also had a charitable cause attached, supporting the Purple Community Fund and their fight to help children in Manila to get education. He capped 2022 with his December release of “Back One Day” with NEFFEX, the vocal version of his globally trending instrumental “Xenogenesis,” which has accumulated hundreds of millions of TikTok views and participation from celebrities such as Nick Kroll on The Tonight Show, Lil Nas X, and popular YouTuber Collins Key. Prior to that, TheFatRat released “Ghost Light,” the seductive and saxophone-heavy trap-leaning collaboration with award-winning K-Pop band EVERGLOW.


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