AY Young Makes History with His Music + Vision on “Goals”


AY Young, the multifaceted talent and sustainability activist, is back with a new climate anthem titled “GOALS.” This song comes as the next phase of his renowned Battery Tour, which made history with a renewable-powered concert on September 21 in Times Square, New York City. Approved by Folded Waffle, “GOALS” stands not just as a musical experience but as a call to action for global transformation. “GOALS” is more than just a song; it’s a rallying cry for collective stewardship of our planet. AY Young, with his unwavering dedication to sustainability, has revolutionized the live music experience through the Battery Tour. This global concert series not only entertains but educates, uplifts communities, and supports humanitarian initiatives, all powered entirely by renewable energy. In AY’s Own Words: “‘GOALS’ stands as an anthem, a sonic force that ignites the enthusiasm within you, regardless of the challenges or aspirations you face. It not only pumps up your spirits, but also commemorates the resilient essence of humanity, underscoring the significance of believing in the trajectory you chart. Life can be fleeting and fragile, but if you believe in yourself, it can be something wonderful and powerful!”
The song’s resounding chants capture the voices of countless individuals from 21 countries, uniting like a symphony, a culmination of experiences from diverse corners of the world. AY’s aim is to shed light on stories that often go untold, from people facing a spectrum of challenges in remote locales. “GOALS” is more than a track; it’s a universal aspiration for improvement, a reflection of the shared belief in something better. This initiative aligns with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations, demonstrating the power of unity in working towards a common goal. About the Video (from Director Anthony Devera): The music video for “GOALS” mirrors the song’s fiery spirit. AY harnesses the power of his aspirations, vividly portraying how it influences individuals in their everyday lives. The video, shot with the aid of AY’s solar-powered generator, showcases the advantages of clean energy in a residential setting. AY performs amidst a lush forest setting before taking flight, symbolically dispersing the essence of “GOALS” across the globe.


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