Award-Winning Power Duo Campbell & Johnston Release New Album, Paisley Hearts, with Upbeat Soul Rock Jam “Don’t Get Down (On a Good Thing)”


Award-winning power duo Campbell & Johnston are a soulful blend of vintage blues-rock, roots and folk with a modern twist. Trading off lead vocals, harmonies and guitar solos, the two are a musical yin and yang, captivating audiences with raw emotion and heartfelt authenticity. Whether experiencing their performance as an acoustic duo, or with their full electric band, the chemistry is palpable and the musicianship is top-notch. 

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness all led towards their album, Paisley Hearts, setting the stage for a jam-packed year of touring ahead. The new collection is centered around love and loss, regret, righteousness…and smoking hash and drinking coffee. Focus track, “Don’t Get Down (On a Good Thing),” serves as a “tongue and cheek reminder that this too shall pass, and a war of attrition can only be won one way, by staying the course,” says Johnston.

Don’t Get Down (On a Good Thing)” is an upbeat soul rock jam reminiscent of Sly and The Family Stone and the Hendrixian ways of days gone by.

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