Experience Shelly Rudolph’s Soul Filled New Single “I Love LOVE”


Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter Shelly Rudolph is captivating audiences with her latest single, “I Love LOVE.”

This soulful and funky track is a celebration of love in all its glorious forms.

Teaming up with jazz-soul legend Charlie Hunter, trumpeter Cyrus Naibipoor, and drummer Reinhardt Wolfgang Melz, Rudolph delivers a song that promises to delight music lovers of all genres.


“I Love LOVE” began as a poem, transforming into an anthem of love when Rudolph stepped up to the mic and started singing.

It’s a sensational blend of jazz, soul, funk, and blues that proves these genres are as alive and captivating as ever.

Playful yet profound, the lyrics of “I Love LOVE” emphasizes that love in any and every form is to be cherished and celebrated. Following her album “The Way We Love,” this sassy track showcases a new sound while maintaining her unwavering mantra: LOVE always.

And Shelly is here to remind is that the allure of the golden age of jazz, soul, funk and blues, is well and truly alive!

Hunter’s soulful guitar adds depth, Naibipoor’s New Orleans-steeped trumpet brings unique flair, and Melz’s stellar drumming drives the rhythm, elevating “I Love LOVE” to new musical heights.

For over two decades, Shelly Rudolph has been a beloved figure in Portland’s music scene, known for her soul-stirring vocals and dynamic performances. Her music spans genres like jazz, soul, blues, R&B, reggae, and pop.

Her latest album, “The Way We Love,” breaks from traditional jazz, embracing a drum-less, chamber jazz style with “maverick” cellist David Darling. Rudolph’s genre-blending style and poetic lyricism have earned her a devoted following and critical acclaim.

She has shared the stage with renowned artists like Tom Grant and Phil Baker of Pink Martini and has made her mark as a solo artist. Her international influence includes placements on Spotify, Pandora, and jazz radio stations across Europe, Japan, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

Deeply rooted in her community, Rudolph has received accolades such as the Professional Development Grant from RACC and has been featured in Mayor Adams’ Listen Local program.

Listen to “I Love LOVE” on Spotify now! 

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