Lila Dupont Releases Dreamy New Single “Dance and Smoke and Sing”


Singer/songwriter Lila Dupont has just released her dreamy new single “Dance and Smoke and Sing” via Eusonia Records. Written as Dupont was recovering from a cold and wanting to end her romantic relationship, the song is the perfect combination of upbeat and reflective. Dupont explains further:

“The song is about wanting to leave a place and a person behind in order to start a new life…I used to have a lot of trouble walking away from certain situations, so I loved the process of writing this song because in a way it became a self-realization that I have the freedom to do what I want.”

The song starts off with an energetic guitar intro that transitions to a gentle strum as Dupont’s unique voice kicks in, describing how miserable she’s feeling. The unexpectedly upbeat chorus that directly follows gives us a glimpse of freedom, as she sings “maybe I should get myself a new job, one where I can dance and smoke and sing”. The second verse focuses on the relationship she wants to escape, and it’s quickly followed again by the sense of freedom and happiness she imagines she’ll have if she breaks free.

The folk-pop song comes with an accompanying music video that perfectly puts her sentiments into perspective:

The heavier verses combined with the light and airy choruses capture the feelings Dupont aims to share with listeners. Anyone who’s ever been stuck in a less-than-ideal situation will resonate with this, and will hopefully be inspired by that same imagined freedom to take action.

The New York native is now based in England, where she’s collaborating with Grammy-winning producer Scott Jacoby on her next few singles, so be sure to keep your ear out.

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