Victors Returns with Smooth New Single “Nothing Seems To Matter Now”

British trio Victors (Harry Waterhouse, Simon Appleson, and Leon Davies) has just released their smooth new single “Nothing Seems to Matter Now”, the first offering from their upcoming EP ‘The Hotel’. The song reflects on the feeling of everything else fading into the background when you’re with that special someone. 

The track starts off with vocals fading in singing the title lyric “nothing seems to matter now” before the drums, bass guitar, and electronics kick in. This instrumental intro is reminiscent of something you might hear from The 1975. Smooth vocals begin to take prominence, describing a relationship with a lover. 

The first chorus is ushered in by a catchy bass and the crash of drums. The vocals take on an element of airiness as they sing “nothing seems to matter when the one is now two”, adding to the feeling that this person is intoxicating to them. 

A muffled drumbeat and guitar give us a small break before the music comes back to the foreground for the second verse. The lyrics here become slightly more frustrated as the singer wonders if he’s wasting his time on this person. 

After the next chorus, we’re treated to a captivating instrumental solo that introduces some synths before the bridge. The simplistic bridge is driven forward by a muffled but insistent drum and some electronic beats as lyrics from the chorus are repeated.

The final chorus then comes crashing in with even more power than before. The breaks in the instrumentals are more emphatic while the beats of the drums hit a little harder. After the chorus, we get another groovy instrumental solo to show us out.

In “Nothing Seems to Matter Now”, Victors combines elements of ’80s pop, electronica, and indie rock to create a smooth track that will have listeners grooving to the beat the whole way through. The relaxed vibe coupled with the relatable message will captivate fans and leave them looking forward to what’s next. 

To hear this song and more live, catch Victors headlining The Victoria in Dalston on February 24th. The event not only celebrates the band’s return, but also pledges to support VENT, an organization aiming to give people, especially men and boys, a safe space to discuss and care for their mental health. 

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  1. Jules Holland Avatar
    Jules Holland

    Victor’s are awesome, want to see them live

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