SPELLES Enchants Us on New Single “Beginnings and Endings”


SPELLES explores the existential on their latest single “Beginnings and Endings”. Matched with a thought-provoking music video to pair, the new release is a curious reverie on the nature of life and what lies outside our limits. The Los Angeles based dream-pop duo plunges beneath the surface with gothic undertones and lyrics that wonder why. 

“Beginnings and Endings” is filled to the brim with haunting crescendos of piano, darkly ethereal beats, and a vocal as deep and fluid as the ocean itself. SPELLES sings, “Take me tonight / A prism of truth, you’re shaping my view/ A portal opens wide and I walk through.” The music video captures vocalist Kathryn Baar adorned in a red cloak as she wades in the water surrounded by cliffs cut straight from fantasy. “Beginnings and Endings” is an earth-shaking voyage through the bends of human consciousness as SPELLES spins an intricate web from the fabric of our reality. 

SPELLES is composed of Kathryn Baar and Luc Laurent who craft lush sonic landscapes from their experience as songwriters, producers, and instrumentalists. “Beginnings and Endings” is the second single off SPELLES’ upcoming album, Diving Into the Arms of the Divine. “Beginnings and Endings” is their latest release.

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