Brother Valiant Emerges with an Ode to the Personal Evolutions We Move Through in the Name of Love


Brother Valiant is a New York based artist striking his own chord of folk-pop with blindingly original arrangements and effervescent vocals. His new single “C’est La Vie” is about attempting to change your ways in order to benefit someone you love. Embracing the nature of life, Brother Valiant ultimately concludes that try as we might, there are certain facets of our being that may never shift, and in the end, it’s leading with love through the turbulence that really matters.

“C’est La Vie” captivates with haunting riffs that echo through the wind, bustling percussion, and deep-rooted vocals that soar through the peaks at the heart of the track. Brother Valiant sings, “I believe / The moment you laid eyes on me you set me free.” Brother Valiant stuns with brazenly heartfelt lyrics that inspire a catalyst for personal growth. “C‘est La Vie” is a powerful ode to the metamorphoses we endure for the sake of love with courageously intimate prose and expressive vocals. 

Revealing more on his track, Brother Valiant confides, “Mostly, I found it overwhelming to the point where I’d fall back into old habits and behaviors. The premise of the song is accepting that deep down, to an extent, we are always going to have certain qualities and quirks that we cannot change about ourselves. However, despite faltering when trying to change certain negative aspects, I believe expressing feelings of love, compassion, and acceptance through action is still paramount on the journey towards being a good person.”
 “C‘est La Vie” is the leading single from Brother Valiant’s upcoming EP Better Luck Next Time set for release this August. 

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