Mae Krell plans for a future she didn’t anticipate on “apollo’s song”


By taking on important topics of conversation and recounting fragile life moments through her music, singer-songwriter Mae Krell offers a place for others in need to feel heard. It can be daunting to express emotions like guilt, shame, or fear, so burying them down deep for nobody to find seems the most appealing. But Mae eloquently shines a light on these sensations, to the point where anybody who may be struggling with one or more of them can recognize some security and support. Previous projects like imposter syndrome and imposter syndrome (b sides) focused on the way these emotions were tied into experiences from the past, but now Mae is beginning a new chapter. With a debut album slated for release in April of next year, she is looking ahead and releasing the lead single, “apollo’s song.”

Last fall, Mae went on a tour around the United States with her dog, Apollo. It was on this trip that it hit her – she was actually watching her dog grow up. Mae explains,

“When I got her, I was seventeen and struggling so much that I didn’t see myself sticking around for very long. I thought that if my family had a dog, it would be more manageable when I inevitably killed myself. Now I’m twenty-four, and my dog is aging and you can tell, but I’m not going anywhere. That’s a really heavy but also really beautiful feeling.”  

Not only was Apollo getting older, but family and friends in Mae’s life were also evolving and changing. She reflects on these moments in “apollo’s song.” A gentle indie folk track with the guiding sounds of warm piano and shakers, “apollo’s song” sifts through the milestones Mae thought she would never see. She sings, “The dog meant to outlive me is starting to get old / My best friend’s name will change soon / Floral blueprints on the floor” and “My little brother’s off to college / Someone had to please my parents,” watching these changes unfold. She concludes, “Dreams were a luxury that I couldn’t afford / And now I’m living a future I never thought I’d have,” trying to make sense of all that is happening. Even with such pensive lyrics, there are outbursts of meandering riffs that create jaunty undertones throughout the single, making this a hopeful track. You can check it out in the visualizer below.

With “apollo’s song,” Mae introduces the theme of her upcoming debut album. The songs will dive into the coming-of-age process for someone who never expected to come of age. As we move closer to the album’s release next year, Mae will share more of its singles, building on the hype.

Mae recently started her fall tour of the UK. The tour will run until October 6 and will include dates in England, Ireland, and Scotland. You can find tickets here.

You can listen to “apollo’s song” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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