Adam Knight sees the light in “What Was I Thinking”


Alternative artist Adam Knight released “What Was I Thinking,” a punchy single that illuminates the clarity found after heartbreak and the strength to focus on personal growth.

A southern Oregon native, Knight’s work is something of a genre melting pot. The singer-songwriter has been described as a “country boy with a soul voice who went electro acoustic with a slice of funky grit,” drawing comparisons to James Bay, John Legend and Sam Smith.

There’s an air of resilience in Knight’s work, reflective of his personal life. The artist was diagnosed with a tumor and suffered complications that risked his career, including losing his voice for half a year. But not even that could halt his passion for music. “I will never stop pushing to keep this dream alive,” he said in a press release.

Knight broke out in 2017 with a number of singles and released his first album Inside Out in 2021. His lead single “I’ve Got The Gold” has been streamed over 30 million times from listeners across the globe, charting in countries like Germany, France and Turkey.

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  1. I was lucky to met with this angel talented singer, I never met some one down to earth like this man no wonder his songs captured the heart of people. All the best Adam

  2. Adam is a bit of a local celebrity here in central Texas where live music is a second religion. I am privileged to play with him semi-regularly. Adam is what we Texas musicians call a “one-percenter” – meaning he is better than 99% of the rest of us!
    -Jason, Driftwood Texas


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