Riley Max Brings the Colors of the Rainbow to Life on ROY G BIV



Riley Max will enthrall you in emotion with a vocal that warms the heart like a cup of coffee. Her latest album ROY G BIV is a jazz meets pop conceptual wonderland centered around the idea of people and memories being associated with the colors of the rainbow. Her single “Blue” is a strikingly nostalgic, bittersweet ode to devotion that explores the depths of fleeting connections. Max captains the track with lyrical poise that remains unavoidantly blunt and optimistic as the breeze all at once. She uses her soft-strung harmonies to mingle with the cascade of saxophone that guides the back-body of her track, sweeping us away in a wanderlust symphony of honey-spun sonics. 

“Blue” will transfix you with its deep and unmoving notes of piano, subtle confetti cannons of saxophone, and a vocal that surfs over the track like a kite in the wind. Riley Max is the perfect conflux of pop and jazz with an invitingly infectious vocal and a sonic backbone that is both intentional and abstract, appealing to the happy medium of each genre. She sings, “When I think of you, I think of shades of blue. I think of the skies and the ocean – I think of common devotion.” The lyrics behind “Blue” are a saccharine serenade of deep relationships that ebb and flow like the forces of nature. 

Riley Max remarkably young for her age with the final recording session of ROY G BIV occurring on her 18th birthday. The Colorado-based musician has already been accepted into a Masters program in Music Production at Berklee School Of Music which she will complete alongside her undergraduate degree in Music at Harvard. For such a young voice, Riley Max demonstrates shocking arrays of maturity laced with her ear for development that brings this colorful concept album to life. 


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