Too Close For Comfort unpacks in the bitter bite of nostalgia in Cold Youth


Too Close For Comfort powers out vibrant punk rock while navigating their perspective on the past in their newest track, Cold Youth.
The song deals with the bitter taste nostalgia can carry in every aspect of life, including relationships. Fierce in rhythm and flow, the track lets out the folded up feelings of being iced out of a world you helped build, “I’ve been around these days / always feel like I’m just in the way”. The lyrics tear the line between feelings unspoken and the ache of their weight. “I’m about of options and it’s weighing on my conscience / but I don’t know how to stop this / baby, maybe we should drop this”.
In just over a year Too Close For Comfort has started from scratch gaining over 70k streams cross-platform, 65k of which are on Spotify. The punk and punchy track follows last year’s first LP, We Only Live Here On This Planet For So Long. The band has been promoting their ongoing tour and teases music videos to come.


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