The song you want to send them: maryjo’s Don’t Call Me


maryjo sings the song you wish you could send them, lighting a beacon for broken hearts in her latest single, “Don’t Call Me.”

Even if you’ve been knocked down, maryjo will sweep you off your feet. From the first beat, the song sounds like a hit. The prominent guitar riffs will amp you up as maryjo ground reality with lyrics holding a previous lover accountable, “You’ve been running around running your mouth just like a track star / telling of all your friends it’s been so hard / when you’re the one who said we were done, said you fell out of love”. Produced by frequent collaborator Logan Maggio & Lionel Crasta and co-written by maryjo with Maggio, Beau Bailey (Thomas Rhett, Bailey Zimmerman), and Atlantic Records labelmate Knox, the high-spirited new track is joined by an retro-fueled official visualizer streaming now on YouTube.

This release comes on the tail end of many of the artist’s songs exploring the loss of love. It is her most upbeat single to date and it’s packed with the power of vocal control and artistry. In this exposition of heart ache, she expresses anger in a way that rejuvenates the voice. Rather than stifling the pain of grieving a breakup, maryjo relinquishes its hold – and the ex-partner’s too, “You can call me whatever you want, but don’t call me tonight”.

Rock out – and don’t hold back – listening to this song that will surely have you scream singing along.

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