Marlee paints a candid picture of today’s world in new track “Cynical”


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Marlee is a talented singer-songwriter and guitarist hailing from the Isle of Wight known for her unique blend of alt-pop and heartfelt lyricism. In her latest offering, “Cynical“, she delves into the emotions and experiences of a 20-something navigating the complexities of a post-pandemic world.

The song immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its infectious alt-pop sound and cleverly crafted lyrics. The track serves as a self-reflective exploration of disillusionment and the impact of the world’s state on the protagonist’s perspective. Marlee’s distinctive vocals effortlessly convey the emotions of a young woman who has become jaded, yet still possesses a glimmer of hope.

Throughout the song, Marlee skillfully captures the conflicting emotions of a dreamer whose aspirations seem limited by the confines of a small town and the harsh realities of the world. The lyrics resonate with authenticity, addressing the pressures faced by young artists in an industry where success often seems elusive. The chorus, with its biting honesty and wordplay, highlights the frustration of witnessing others achieve fame and recognition while questioning the authenticity behind their success.

Accompanying the track is the official visualizer video, which showcases Marlee’s creativity and vision. Through the use of AI technology, the video immerses viewers in a watercolored world that oscillates between dreams and nightmares, reflecting the emotional landscape depicted in the song.

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