Haiden Unleashes Emotionally Charged Anthem, “Pretty Little Addict”


Haiden, rising pop artist from LA, has unleashed his latest single, “Pretty Little Addict,” offering a powerful glimpse into the struggles of toxic relationships and battles with addiction. This attitude-filled track serves as a strong introduction to his upcoming sophomore EP, Choke on My Heart, which promises to delve even deeper into his newfound vulnerability.

With “Pretty Little Addict,” Haiden unapologetically channels his bitter and angry emotions, contrasting them against catchy pop melodies that make it impossible to resist. The song explores the parallels between a person who took advantage of his compassion and the lingering effects of drug abuse he has witnessed through his relationship with his father. Haiden fearlessly opens himself. As the song concludes, you’ll find yourself hitting the replay button, eager to embark on this addictive journey once more.

“It didn’t feel right to talk about the more complicated and vulnerable sides of myself on this project without having at least one song that was bitter and angry,” says Haiden. “‘Pretty Little Addict’ is that song and it draws comparisons between a person that used me for my compassion and drug abuse, which I’ve experienced the effects of for a lot of my life through my relationship with my father. Me being a product of addiction in some ways, this EP touches on my tendencies to recreate that environment for myself out of habit and comfortability.”

After putting his science-heavy college path on hold to pursue music, Haiden was struck by a medical condition that temporarily halted his guitar playing. He then turned to songwriting to fill the void which allowed for his breakthrough to come with a series of viral moments on TikTok in 2022. The success of his single, “Sorry to Your Next Ex,” with over 15 million global streams, propelled his debut album, Good Grief!, to exceed 25 million streams worldwide. 

“Pretty Little Addict”’s honesty and infectious energy make it an emotionally charged anthem that will undoubtedly resonate with many. As we eagerly await the release of Choke on My Heart, it’s clear that Haiden is prepared to make a lasting impact. 

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