Isabel Pless Releases honest and confessional single “Spam Calls” for upcoming EP


On January 26th, Isabel Pless will be releasing her first single from upcoming EP “Spam Calls.” Originally from Jericho, Vermont, Pless has been able to practice her songstress abilities since the young age of 12. After garnering over 100k followers on social media, Pless has a large audience of fans and fellow singer-songwriters ready to hear her new releases.

“Spam Calls” opens up Pandora’s Box full of complicated emotions. Pless sings “And I always knew that it all It boiled down to: I’m not enough for you.” She acknowledges her pain and suffering, but still holds a sarcastic tone. The pre chorus, “I’m looking for a way out,” shows Pless is stuck. She wants to leave this relationship but doesn’t know how.

A soft piano accompanies synth and Pless’ streamline vocals. Grieving the death of a relationship is difficult. Pless fights this pain with her confessional lyrics and cynical attitude. Finding out another person doesn’t feel the same way that you do about them, whether it be a romantic relationship or a platonic one, hurts like a stab in the back.

Pless delicately sings, “You were my artificial high but I thought you were my finish line.” She describes the setting of her high school reunion, with hopes that the person who left her wants her back: “When I see you walk into our old school again I hope you walk in alone.” Even though it is tempting to answer “Spam Calls,” from people of your past, the only way to move on is to let the phone keep ringing.

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