sunsetto gives us one final summer jam with “on the side”


A couple months ago, sunsetto released his first single of 2022 with “drugs are for fun.”  The moody track was all about being real with someone, serving as a precursor to sunsetto’s follow-up single “late to the party.”  Equal parts melancholy and buoyant, both tracks did well to showcase sunsetto’s eclectic alt-R&B, lo-fi, and alt-pop sound, making them exceptional hits for the summer.  Before we fully indulge in the splendors of fall, however, he is treating fans to one last summer jam with “on the side.”

With “on the side,” sunsetto uses his impeccable storytelling skills to describe an open relationship type of situation.  Over vibey R&B-electronica beats provided by LA-based duo Calabasas, sunsetto gives us syncopated lines like “If you find somebody new / Keep me on the side / You don’t gotta lie / I don’t mind / I’ll still slide.”  He understands that there are needs he can’t always meet, but he is also confident that he would be hard to replace completely.  You can listen to this scenario unfold below.

Explaining the new single, sunsetto shares,

“‘on the side’ is meant to be a fun one.  ‘If you find somebody new, keep me on the side’ is something you never hear.  I was thinking about love and possession, the metaphor about picking flowers, and popular sayings like ‘cuffing’ or ‘claiming.’  I don’t know if the lyric is how I really feel, or how anyone really feels, but it’s fun and light.  Like the way things feel at the start of a relationship.”

You can listen to “on the side” on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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