Benjamin Carter gets vulnerable with ‘Black Boys On The Radio: Part l’ EP


Recommended Tracks: “Psycho,” “Black Boys On The Radio,” “Lost Control”
Similar Artists: Young the Giant, Willow, HUNNY

Benjamin Carter is a musician and entrepreneur using his music to tell stories of heartache, love, addiction, gentrification, and his own years of racial oppression. Born on an 8-mile-long island in the Caribbean, Benjamin considers himself a “first-generation child of the internet” where he was introduced to bands like Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, and Crossfade through YouTube. His songs do not fit into any one genre and he hopes to inspire the next generation of artists and songwriters to do the same; focusing on the instruments, melodies, and vocal performance techniques that fit the song best. His EP Black Boys On The Radio: Part l was released this week and we are excited to share it with you.

Opening song “Psycho” is a slow-jam track with a catchy beat – speaking of vulnerabilities and the stress of the world with lyrics like “I’m so over chasing just another stereotype, overdosing on opinions and I’m losing my mind.”

The title track “Black Boys On The Radio” is perfectly sandwiched in the middle of the 5-track EP. Of both the song and the project Benjamin says:

“The song and project can be summed up almost entirely based off the very first line in the song ‘Black Boys on the Radio.’ The first line says ‘she says black boys always play on the radio, I said, ‘its strange how you listen but don’t have time to watch me grow’ and that ‘American culture seems to praise the athlete and artist and actor who is black and in entertainment, yet many who look just like them are being stereotyped, marginalized, and face various prejudices that don’t allow them to progress as people. It’s not enough to pay the actor, rapper, or athlete and say ‘look we aren’t racist’ we must each – black, white, latin, asian, etc – be vulnerable and willing to own up to our mistakes and look for ways to grow. This is why the chorus sings ‘and I know if I cry it’ll make you stay, so please don’t, please don’t run away.”

“Lost Control,” the last song on the EP has a great amount of energy and the perfect amount of freneticism with the catchiest chorus. Another relatable track, Benjamin says “I feel like I talk too much, I’m always losing friends” as he sends out a cry for help before losing control.

Stream Black Boys On The Radio: Part l below:

You can listen to Black Boys On The Radio: Part l on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep Up With Benjamin Carter: Instagram // TikTok 


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