Mallory Johnson wants everything but the marriage on “Married”


In regard to the country music scene and the songwriting community, Mallory Johnson has been making a name for herself.  In 2020, Mallory was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and a nominee for Best Country Song at the Independent Music Awards, proving that she is a master in both fields.  The following year, she won Music Video of the Year at the MusicNL Awards for “Wise Woman” and received nominations for Songwriter of the Year and Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year.  With “Wise Woman” being such a massive success, Mallory went on to co-host and co-produce Wise Woman – The Show, which featured world class talent and highly acclaimed Canadian female artists from the Nashville area.  Clearly, Mallory has so much to offer on a public level, but personally, she is not ready to make any commitments just yet, as we hear on her cheeky new single “Married.”

A lighthearted track, “Married” is all about wanting a wedding without the marriage.  With sweet and sassy vocals, Mallory tells us, “I want the ring, I want the fancy bridal shower,” along with “something borrowed, something blue.”  She will even take a drunken toast from her sister at the reception, yet she does not want to say, “I do.”  She loves the freedom she has right now, the lack of drama, but the idea of having a special, elaborate wedding is very tempting.  You can check it out below.

As to the inspiration behind “Married,” Mallory explains,

I’m the kind of girl who has a closet full of bridesmaid dresses.  As fun as it is to ‘always be the bridesmaid,’ I sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to be the one wearing white rather than dusty rose.  I haven’t yet found my person or ‘the one,’ so I wanted to write a singles’ anthem for all the folks like me who aren’t ready for marriage, but would say ‘I do to the party.”

You can listen to “Married” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Keep up with Mallory Johnson:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // TikTok // YouTube // Website


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