Weekly Roundup: June 6


Every week the Melodic staff assembles a Weekly Roundup playlist of songs we can’t stop listening to. As usual, we’re a little all over the place with our selections, but the good news is that we know you’re sure to find a new artist that you can’t get enough of.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. “Can You Love Me Tonight?” – KAIRO
This song is the definition of “feel-good.” A shiny guitar part plays off of a catchy beat and by the time KAIRO’s Ej and Ak (identical twins, in case you were wondering) start singing… yeah, we’re all about it. We guarantee you’re going to want to dance around whatever room you’re in. For your sake we hope that’s not in a crowded place. Actually, scratch that, who cares? You do you.


2. “X My <3 (Sexy MF)” – Stephonne
It’s impossible for this song to not catch your attention immediately— try listening to it and tell me I’m wrong. In the beginning, sultry whispers bounce around (“Hey, my name is Daddy/ Tell me yours”) and it’s unclear where the song is going, but then a smooth “oooo” is introduced, echoing a late 90’s Lenny Kravitz, and suddenly we’re in a straight up rock n’ roll song. The mix is jam-packed with guitars, blatant sexuality in the lyrics, and perhaps even a Rhodes keyboard(!)… when Stephonne says that his goal as an artist is to “reclaim Rock,” he isn’t kidding.


3.  “Oh Emma” – Emma Campbell
Seemingly a self-reflective narrative, Emma Campbells “Oh Emma” sounds like it could have been the radio 25 years ago sandwiched between Ani DiFranco and the latest Lisa Loeb (in case it’s not abundantly clear: that’s meant as a compliment!) Funnily enough, though some of the lyrics reference happenstances that are modern i.e. “I am swiping through Tinder,” this is one of those songs that has a sound that’s timelessly good. You’ll be hooked by the time the chorus comes: “Oh Emma/ Do you think you’ll be this way forever?”


4. “Oops I Love You” – The Buckleys
The colorful retro cover art sets the vibe for the country-tinged new single from The Buckleys. Mix one part Sheryl Crow, one part Carly Rae Jepson, and one part old school T Swift into a blender and the result would be “Oops I Love You.” We can imagine this one blasting from the speakers during a cookout on a hot summer day.


5. “Couldn’t Stay Away” – TheWorst
We were intrigued by TheWorst as soon as we read that the band is composed of members of The Distillers and Morphine, and we were right to have our curiosity piqued. With a classic punk sound that incorporates elements of indie and pop rock, this track gives us vibes of The Ramones, early Replacements, and even artists such as Bully or Cayetana.


You can listen to more of our picks on our Spotify playlist below. Don’t forget to hit that “follow” button!


Full playlist:

1. KAIRO – “Can You Love Me Tonight?”
3. INNOMUNO – “Higher”
4. Marlena Dae – “luv me”
5. Stephonne – “X My <3 (Sexy MF)”
6. Drew Schueler & Kiki Halliday – “Ruins”
7. Joonas – “Psycho Ex-Boyfriend”
8. Kid Bloom – “I Fell in Love Again”
9. DE’WAYNE ft. grandson – “GOOD MOOD”
10. Emma Campbell– “Oh Emma”
11. Goody Grace – “What Do I Do?”
12. Calvis Harris w/ Dua Lipa & Young Thug – “Potion”
13. New Rules– “Pasta”
14. Devin Kennedy – “Follow Through”
15. The Buckleys– “Oops I Love You”
16. Maggie Lindemann w/ Siiickbrain – “break me!”
17. Vance Joy– “Every Side Of You”
18. Why Don’t We – “How Do You Love Somebody”
19. Death Cab for Cutie – “Roman Candles”
20. TheWorst – “Couldn’t Stay Away”
21. Angel Olsen – “All The Good Times”

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