Goldpark releases “Lady Lightyear” from upcoming sophomore EP


Last year, Nashville-based indie rock trio Goldpark released their debut EP, Goldpark One, which gained much support from various press and DSP outlets.  As fans were more than impressed by the group’s commitment to their overall sound and relationship with one another, Goldpark started to make quite a name for themselves in Nashville’s alternative scene.  Their latest single, “Killer Queen (What I Need),” flexed their collaboration skills with singer-songwriter Bre Kennedy and helped the guys become Lightning 100’s Artist of the Week.  The band is clearly on a roll, and before they gear up for a couple of solo shows next week, Goldpark are releasing the cosmic “Lady Lightyear.”

A feel-good slice of indie rock with a persistent groove, “Lady Lightyear” tells the story of a cosmic love affair.  Vocalist Wes Hunter touches on a desire to know a mysterious being a little better, eager to embrace all that happens next.  He asks, “Are you from outer space?” and “Could you take me to your paradise?” wanting to drift off into this person’s extraordinary world.  You can check it out below.

Telling us more about the single, Goldapark share,

“Love is the closest thing that we have to magic.  It’s the only thing that drives us to cross countries, oceans, or even galaxies.  There are traces of love in every truly great thing that we can see, hear, or touch.  All great art comes from some form of love.  It doesn’t all look the same, though.  Sometimes it’s the fear of love.  Or maybe the feeling of being broken over love.  But it’s all love.  ‘Lady Lightyear’ is a song for all of the Milky Way and beyond to enjoy together.  Leave the door open for love somewhere in the stars.”

“Lady Lightyear” is the first single from Goldpark’s upcoming sophomore EP, Goldpark Two, which will be released later this year.

Catch Goldpark on tour this summer here.

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