Mansionair search for joy in its many forms on ‘Happiness, Guaranteed’


Recommended Tracks:  “The Trouble with Us”, “Mirror Me”, “Don’t Wait”
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If you are familiar with Australian indie-electronic trios, then you are probably aware of Mansionair.  The group made their debut in 2015 and have since added a few notable achievements to their name.  For one, the guys have found a home in America, having performed at Coachella, selling out the iconic Bowery Ballroom in New York, and even earning a Grammy nod a few years back.  For another, the guys have received several gold certifications in Australia and counting.  As they continue to gain fans and reach milestones, Mansionair are releasing their highly anticipated sophomore album, Happiness, Guaranteed, which attempts to define happiness and the ways that it can be acquired.

Throughout the album, Mansionair try to seek happiness in various relationships.  On “Happy Now,” for instance, we hear about the idea of joy existing in the form of someone else, while “Mirror Me” reverses this concept.  With vocals that oscillate between calm and robust, singer Jack Froggatt mentions, “Come here / I can take the weight off” and “There’s no need to find somebody else,” assuring that he can be the light for someone in need.  The fleeting notion of happiness is also found on tracks like “The Trouble With Us” and “Don’t Wait,” which touch on the devastating qualities of losing love.  While both tracks contain emotional lyrics, they also have warm and vibrant productions that ease the pain of moving on.

While happiness can be brought on through different relationships, it can ultimately happen once finding peace with oneself.   As told on the quaint “A Little Lost,” it is totally fine to lose your way now and again – just as long as you embrace the situation and work on being found.  A more elaborate form of this story occurs on “Shallow Water,” which has a coming-of-age feel.  The gentle acoustic guitar and soft beats that come through reinforce that tender moment of acceptance, when “self-preservation” and “choosing to like” who you are occur.

In giving us these lyrics that grapple with the idea of finding and losing happiness, Mansionair also put forth music that is just as push-and-pull.  On “More,” we hear driving verses that contain steady rhythms and syncopated vocals, which contrast the open, expansive choruses.  A similar production is found on “Rapture,” which mixes light vocals and verses with fuller choruses to better reflect the bliss and the gloom brought on by the lyrics.  With these tracks, Mansionair’s creativity really shines, mastering the art of style and genre-blending.

Overall, Happiness, Guaranteed is a gripping exploration of life’s many cycles.  It is definitely possible to find happiness, but as much as we would love to keep it forever, it cannot always stay with us.  Mansionair have beautifully shown that life is a never-ending adventure, filled with moments that make us appreciate what we have, but also encourage us to go after more.  As long as we evolve, the quest for happiness will also evolve, guaranteed.

You can listen to Happiness, Guaranteed on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Catch Mansionair on their upcoming Australia and North America tours here.

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