jame minogue doesn’t want to spend the holidays alone on “Con Mi Coqueta”


The holiday season can be special for so many reasons, be it the lights, the decorations, or the warmth and generosity of others.  It is a time to get together and be with those you love, but behind every traditional family gathering or exciting holiday party is a distant relative or awkward acquaintance who wants to be all up in our business.  We get asked questions we don’t have answers to, like “What do you want to do with your life?” or “Why are you still single?” killing a bit of our holiday spirit.  It is moments like these when we yearn for that special someone who can be there to deflect such uncomfortable questions or weird situations, which we hear on jame minogue’s latest single “Con Mi Coqueta.”

Combining elements of indie pop music with those of traditional bachata, jame gives us a new holiday jam we can add to our seasonal playlists.  Rounded out with the merry sound of sleigh bells, “Con Mi Coqueta” is an earnest love song about spending the holidays with those you care about the most, especially a new love interest or crush.  Even though the girl jame sings about isn’t perfect, he still wants her to be by his side, sipping on coquitos and moving to the music.  You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “Con Mi Coqueta,” jame shares,

“‘Con Mi Coqueta’ is a product of combining two worlds: me as a kid and me as an adult.  I grew up listening to classic bachata, merengue, bolero, and salsa during the holidays with my family.  Blending some of that with a lot of the indie pop sounds I’m into allowed the song to exist.  The intro is pretty bachata heavy with a dialogue that brings me back to a typical conversation at Christmas Eve dinner with my family, one where everyone wants that tea on all of our lives.”

You can listen to “Con Mi Coqueta” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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