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Recommended Tracks:  “Ready to Be Better”, “Somewhere There’s a Plan (Believe It)”, “Power”
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All the way back in 2020, British singer-songwriter Maddox Jones made his debut as a solo artist with his EP Headspace after playing in bands for most of his career.  It may have been an interesting time to make such a change, but it was worth it, as Headspace was well-received.  The project made it to the #4 spot on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts and its title track received an impressive remix by the platinum-selling duo Bombs Away.  After following up the EP with more exciting singles, such as fan-favorite “Can’t Wait for the Summer,” Jones began teasing his debut album, Believe It.  This past February, he released the album’s lead single, “Ready to Be Better,” which set a warm and uplifting tone for the upcoming project.  Filled with stories about falling in love, finding who you really are, and trusting yourself, Believe It will have you believing in all that is possible.

For those who appreciate a dreamy love song, Believe It will more than satisfy.  Throughout the album, Jones takes us on a journey, capturing those crazy moments of meeting the right person, wanting that person to be yours, and then realizing that this person is actually “the one.”  On the quaint “Big Brown Eyes,” we hear about a night to remember, when Jones met someone special in his life.  Over sparkling production, he sings, “To me it just feels right / Just dance with me tonight,” knowing that the forces of the universe brought them together.  There is also the sprawling “Make Me Yours,” which mixes soft pop with lively dance to better convey the spark that occurs when two people give in to each other.  It all leads up to the rhythmic “God Damn, I’m Happy,” where Jones mentions, “Everything’s better when it’s you and me” and asks, “God damn, does that mean you’re the one that I’ve been trying to find for years?”  He is more than thrilled to have found his person, to the point where it almost does not seem real.

Outside of finding a soul mate, Jones touches on finding your true self.  On “Ready to Be Better,” he sings about reaching that moment when you know that things need to change.  The feel-good pop track is the essence of inspiration, with Jones claiming, “I’m ready to be better now / I want to make it better now.”  While “Ready to Be Better” is about knowing what you want and taking action towards it, “How to Be Happy” is about seeking guidance.  Tenderly, Jones sings, “I’ve got a conscience / That I don’t always listen to” and resorts to asking, “Does someone know how to be happy?”  It is very conflicting to work on yourself, as it can be easy to settle back into unhealthy habits, but the encouragement to get to that ideal version of yourself is powerful.

Basically, Believe It is an inspirational album altogether, containing strong messages that will remind those who listen to stay positive and focused.  A potential lullaby for adults, “Monsters” attempts to keep the demons at bay.  Soothingly, Jones sings, “There’s wisdom to find in the darkness,” showing that each bad moment is a chance to grow.  We also have the comforting piano ballad “Lost in the Moment,” where Jones offers a helping hand to those who are struggling.  Over the poignant chords, he expresses, “You’re not alone through the highs and the lows,” and touches on the beauty of finding people who empathize.  If you need a track that is just as heavy but with a lighter essence, there is the pop-oriented “Magic,” which serves as a friendly reminder to keep being unbelievable.

After listening to Believe It, there are mixed emotions at play.  On one hand, the music is very catchy and creative, its cinematic quality upgrading the experience of each song.  On the other hand, you feel touched that Jones decided to share such personal and riveting lyrics.  In the end, these elements make for a compelling debut, sure to inspire more fascinating remixes and unique collabs – we just believe it.

You can listen to Believe It on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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