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A few weeks ago, space-pop purveyor Valerie Broussard released her debut EP Voyager, a shimmering collection of pop tracks that seemed to announce her arrival into the pop landscape after previous experience teaming up with EDM titans Kygo and ILLENIUM. Today, she’s unveiled the music video for the title track of that EP, and it’s a vastly entertaining look at Broussard’s world, or rather, the outer space that so frequently inspires her music.

The Rafatoon-directed video focuses on Broussard singing her track on the moon, with stunning visuals of the cosmos interspersed as the dreamy track progresses. Watch the video below, and keep scrolling to read our Q&A with Broussard about Voyager:


Up to this point, you’ve primarily been known for your collaborations with other artists and DJs. How does it feel to finally get your own project out into the world?
It feels incredible! I’m excited to show people who I am and Voyager is only the beginning. 

You’ve described Voyager as a manner of escapism during the pandemic. As we enter into this new sort of post-pandemic world, do you feel like these songs take on a new meaning?
Definitely, because now people can actually escape while listening to these songs. “Drive”, especially, is the sort of song that I am hoping people take out into the world and on an adventure. 

I love the term “space pop” – I can’t think of any other artist that has described their music in this way. Can you elaborate on what that name and style mean to you?
I think it evolved from the visuals and story that we attached to the entire Voyager EP; it’s entirely space-themed and just overall big and cinematic. I’ve been blessed to have my music featured throughout tv and film and I think working in that space has given me a sense epicness that I always want running through my music.

The notion of outer space and science fiction illuminates a lot of your work up to this point. How did you fall in love with that concept, and what are some of your favorite sci-fi movies/shows?
The love of this stuff comes from my mother who is also a nerd and also loves it. It’s tough for me to choose favorites but my recording studio is loosely space-western themed with collectibles and art from Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, and The Mandalorian scattered around the room. Also, everyone who knows me well knows that I fall asleep to Futurama most nights.

What are you listening to right now? What is currently inspiring you?
At this exact moment I am listening to “Ex I Never Had” by LANY, actually I’ve been listening to it on repeat for hours. It’s one of those days!

Beyond the EP’s release, what’s on the horizon? Tour?
I’ve actually got a ton of new music planned, and I’m super excited about an upcoming collab that I think a lot of people are going to find really unexpected. Without saying too much I think it’s coming in early 2022!

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