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Irving Plaza was shaking this last Saturday for the headlining tour of songwriter and rapper Pouya who brought a tour lineup that had the crowd going crazy in the mosh pits from the opener to the closing DJ at the end of his set. Pouya brought himself along with three other artists to help promote his latest album Blood Was Never Thick As Water, and let me tell you, Pouya did not disappoint with the energy he supplied New York City with, if you were thinking about attending his new tour, I recommend you buy your tickets and get lost in the mosh for an evening. 

The high energy of the event persisted as California rapper kxllswxtch entered the arena next. Lu Baby had the crowd bouncing around each song, but kxllswxtch brought unmatchable energy to the show. Not only did he put on a performance that solidified his recent title as the most prominent figure in the upcoming scream rap scene, moreover kxllswxtch killed the entire show and left no crumbs on Irving Plaza’s stage. His enthusiasm towards the music is clearly portrayed throughout his entire set. Though his music is fitting for rage, the music wasn’t the only thing that made kxllswxtch have such a memorable performance. He did a phenomenal job at keeping the fans attentive during his entire set, even when he was on stage, kxllswxtch conveyed his true musicianship and kept the high energy pumping through the venue. But the stage performance wasn’t the only thing that made this set so enjoyable. Kxllswxtch jumped over the barricades singing within in the crowd and further jumped into the moshes to go crazy with the fans during his set. Kxllswxtch is definitely the next upcoming artist in scream rap, and I highly recommend going to one of his shows, there’s no way you won’t enjoy the experience even if you’re attending alone. 

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The co-headliner of the night dived onto the stage next and if the crowd thought that kxllswxtch was insanely active in the mosh, they surely weren’t ready for what Jasiah was about to bring to the show. All of the performers of the night brought intensity which made the entirety of the concert exclusive to New York, but Jasiah did an outstanding job getting the crowd riled up and anticipating what is next to follow. From jumping up and down on stage to crowding surfing, to coming out to mosh even after his set was complete, Jasiah definitely understands musicianship and how to make a connection with the fanbase he has, not to mention his music can get anyone hooked on the rapper as it’s upbeat and radiates his spirit. 

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To close out the night, Pouya came on stage, and, despite the craziness of the prior performers, the crowd was surely not worn out as they went harder for Pouya’s set. Overall, his entire performance was incredible. The crowd certainly relished every single second of each song going harder than the last in the moshes, and it’s clear why. Pouya live is just like Pouya is on his tracks. His lyrics flow together so effortlessly it’s impossible to not be swaying or bumping along to the music, and his vocals sync together cohesively with the beats behind him making the whole production spectacular. His vocals live were remarkably pristine, — there weren’t any mixing problems or instances when you couldn’t hear the clarity of his voice, which is phenomenal considering how fast he raps. Pouya has been submerged in this industry for 10 years now and it’s obvious that he has polished his talents. Even in his newest album, you can recognize how much Pouya has grown as an artist over time, overall he has become a much more accomplished musician. His live performance is one you unmistakably don’t want to miss out on as Pouya’s been in this industry for a minute, he knows how to put on an unforgettable concert and keep the high-energy in a venue persistent even beyond just his set through selecting artists to accompany him who match his vibe and are able to keep the crowd just as excited for what’s to come. All in all, if Pouya’s recent tour has not hit your city yet, I highly recommend grabbing some tickets, you definitely won’t regret going out to one of his shows, and I promise you’ll be jumping around the entire night. Additionally, if you haven’t heard it yet, take a listen to Pouya’s newest album Blood Was Never Thick as Water, especially if you’re a big fan of the growing emo-rap scene.  


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