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On Friday, September 21st, pop punk fans from all around New York and maybe even further packed in Stereo Garden in Patchogue, Long Island to listen to the long time pop punk band Neck Deep, once again, give the east coast a show they could never forget. Fans, spanning from Rain in July to The Peace and The Panic, were screaming lyric after lyric, song after song, as the pop punk band gave New York a show that will never be forgotten by those who attended.

The night started off with three opening acts, if there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I obsess over finding new music and this show gave me the chance to hear from two openers whom I was unfamiliar with. To my dismay, I had unfortunately missed the first act which was Stand Atlantic but from hearing from the fans, the ones who had spoken of the band spoke quite highly of their music and after listening to a few songs, I can tell you that Coffee at Midnight is my current favorite!

The first band that I got to experience were WSTR. The band originated from Liverpool, U.K. What really stood out to me is that the band had signed to an American-based record company titled No Sleep Records before they had even played a show. As of 2018, the band has released two albums with multiple singles up on their music platforms which you can find below the images of the band. Their newest album, Identity Crisis, is a new release having just been dropped on August 31st. If you like bands such as ROAM, Trash Boat or Boston Manor, I totally recommend you check out their links below and listen to their newest releases including the new record.

Want to see more? Check out the album on Spotify or keep up with the band on these platforms:
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

After I got to experience the crazy show of WSTR, the next band to find their way to the stage was Trophy Eyes. I had heard of them before and was quite excited to finally experience their show, having heard so much about them in the past from friends.

The band that surfaced from Newcastle, Australia is going to be taking the pop punk/hardcore world by storm before we can even think twice. Trophy Eyes has the perfect mixture of rock music while blending in their love for the hardcore side of the scene. They give the perfect balance of the two which can make any fan of bands such as Neck Deep, Grayscale and Real Friends fall in love over one song. I personally believed that Trophy Eyes was the best band to get the crowd ready for Neck Deep. From observing the crowd in my spot, it felt like the venue was shaking with how many people were jumping around during the set. Trophy Eyes music was the ideal way to get the crowd moving having not too many slow songs to play, or in their set, to begin with. A song to be noted from me would be You Can Count On Me. Although I have heard of Trophy Eyes prior, I had never heard of this song and I have been blasting it on repeat since Friday Night. The band has also just released a new album as of August 3rd titled The American Dream, if you’re into bands such as Grayscale and Real Friends, I wouldn’t recommend any other album.


Find more about Trophy Eyes on their media:
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
listen to the new album on spotify as well.

Finally, the lights dimmed for the last act of the night, the crowd went wild behind me as I stood in the pit, I could already tell from the sound behind me that the show was going to be wild. Neck Deep stepped out on stage, and if I thought it was loud before, I couldn’t even put to words just how loud the crowd became when the band strummed the first chords of Motion Sickness. Being the photo pit usually means you’re away from all the chaos of the crowd but not in this case. People were crowd surfing left and right, being thrown all about. I can tell you it’s for sure been one of the crazier experiences I have had with crowd surfers and moshers, but I think it added to the energy radiating throughout the room.

After the three songs I spent up front, I migrated to the back of the venue where I could see the whole GA area while still watching the show ahead. From where I was at the beginning of the show, although it felt packed, I didn’t really notice how many people had turned up for the show but from where I was in the back, I realized how closely packed together everyone was to one another, if it wasn’t sold out, it surely looked as though not another body could find a way into the venue.

As a long time, fan of Neck Deep, I can tell you that the setlist was near perfect in my mind. The band had turned to fans for what to include on this setlist, which I was so thankful for, because they didn’t only play The Peace and The Panic (which I, by the way, love every song on) but they also included songs from Rain in July which will forever be one of my favorite albums of all time.

Neck Deep, once again, gave the East Coast a show that will never be forgotten. The band knows how to keep a crowd alive even when they’re playing slower songs. You can count on a Neck Deep show to always be a good time, even if you don’t know every song. I personally can’t wait or more to come, until then, enjoy the photos I produced of Neck Deep. Until next time!


Find out when the band has new releases, when they are in town, and just keep up to date here:
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