Zoe Zobrist releases love letter to future son with “Oh Baby”


While she has yet to meet her baby, Zoe Zobrist is already head over heels for him.  The singer-songwriter and first time mom-to-be has had over nine months to get to know her little one before he makes his big debut, speculating on the amount of love that blooms for him every day.  As she gets ready to embrace this new chapter of her life, Zoe took a moment to reflect on this journey so far, channeling her emotions into a moving new single, “Oh Baby.”

A passionate and expressive track, “Oh Baby” contains the hopes and dreams that Zoe has for her future son.  Over warm acoustic guitar, Zoe sings, “Oh baby, I don’t know you yet / But I think we’ll be good friends,” and shares, “I might not always get it right / But I will do my best to try.”  She taps into feelings that any parent has for their child, whether these children are old, young, or have yet to be born.  Either way, Zoe hopes that this track will resonate with and remain “close” to those who listen.  You can check it out below.

Telling us more about her experience with motherhood, Zoe explains,

“Parenthood is a massive transition for anyone; it’s a huge new chapter to open.  Nothing will ever be the same, but it’s so beautiful to grow into this new version of yourself.  Knowing that you have the opportunity to take all the lessons you’ve learned and make a new little human’s world better is so powerful.”

You can listen to “Oh Baby” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Zoe Zobrist:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter  // Website


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