January Jane invite us to their NYC party with ‘Your Drug’


Recommended Tracks:  “Addicted to the Night”, “Versions of You”
Artists You May Like:  Marianas Trench, Emarosa, The Maine

After hearing the story of how January Jane came together, it seems like one way or another, they were meant to be.  A series of chance encounters and awkward meet-ups led to the formation of the pop rock band, who went on to put all that they could into their music.  Wanting to make the most out of the ride, the band performed at multiple venues and gained a strong following – this is when BMG entered the chat and was quick to sign January Jane to their roster.  Making their official debut this year after the release of two new singles, January Jane give us their Your Drug EP, which will surely close out your summer in style.

New York played a big role in the formation of the band, serving as the place where the members initially met.  Naturally, January Jane had to give a special shout-out to the city on Your Drug, in the form of “a late night party – all the fun, with none of the hangover.”  Listeners can pick up on this energy throughout the EP, especially on tracks like “Addicted to the Night.”  This feel-good party anthem guides us through the city and onto the dance floor, where spirits are high and reservations are low.  The possibilities are endless, and lead vocalist Pat Via perfectly conveys this later on in “NYC,” singing, “Gonna start up our own movement / The skyline’s lit for you and me.”

January Jane give us a great soundtrack to go along with such fantastic views of the skyline, as the tracks on Your Drug contain the sweet sounds of nostalgic pop rock.  From the soaring melodies of “Versions of You” to the undulating keyboard on title track “Your Drug,” the vivacity of 80s favorites is ever-present.  If there is any question, you just need to hear the EP’s closing track, “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do).”  While this is a cover of the Hall & Oates classic, January Jane make it their own by inserting their contemporary rock sound.  The result is a tune that fans of the original can appreciate, but new fans can also dance to.

With undeniable flair, the guys are able to achieve a nice balance between the loud and the soft, the elaborate and the straightforward.  The music shows off their talent as a band, with heartfelt vocals, fresh hooks and choruses, and lively rhythms.  Meanwhile, the lyrics are telling, as we hear on “Versions of You” or “Your Drug,” where things get a little more introspective.  When artists are able to give a little something for everyone, there is no doubt that they will go far.

All in all, Your Drug is a solid debut from January Jane.  This fluid collection of tracks is definitely gripping without being too assertive or ambitious, putting the band on the right path; we understand who they are and where they’re going.  While January Jane do not hold back with these tracks, we know that they are capable of giving more.  Until they do so with their debut album, and likely an incredible one at that, we can all enjoy this hangover-free party night after night, happily getting lost in its charm and decadence until the sun comes up.

You can listen to Your Drug on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with January Jane:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // TikTok // Website

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